Already familiar with our solid thimbles?

Within our end fittings range we also have Solid Wire Rope Thimbles (SWRTs), which we can offer from sizes ∅ 7 mm to ∅ 80 mm (5/16″ to 3″) – see our Product Datasheet for more detailed specifications.

The solid thimbles have an efficiency rating of 90%. They meet the performance requirements of the prEN 13411-9 norm and cover the DIN 3091. They are part of our AqualLine family, so designed for increased technical performance.

Our AqualLine Solid Wire Rope Thimbles have some specific characteristics that distinguish them from other solid thimbles in the market.

  • Increased inner radius
    • More gradual bending of the cable
    • Minimising bending forces
    • Less prone to opening up of the cable
    • Less exposure to weather influences
    • Longer service lifetime
  • Use of material ASTM A 352 LCC
    • Suitable for low temperature environments up to -46°C
  • Longer thimble
    • Less stress build-up at the entrance of the ferrule
    • Easier clamping