Designed to perfection. This philosophy characterizes our approach.

We contineously seek to improve, resulting in changes to the existing products in the market and in completely new product designs. We aim for an increased technical performance and design our products with efficiency, longer lifespan, safety and usability in mind. Not only for the sockets, but also for the wire rope itself.

Our AQUALLINE products have some progressive design features that offer interesting benefits in comparison to the standard socket designs in the market.

Download our full Design Philosophy here.


Adjustable Turnbuckle Series

  • By combining a spelter socket with a turnbuckle, we have engineered a product with fewer separate parts, that is more cost-effective and easier to handle.

Anchor Pendant Series

  • Due to the increased wall thickness of the bottom of the cone – the weakest part of the socket -, a much higher MBL can be achieved.

anchor pendant sockets

Fast Connector Series

  • Our Connector Fitting has one of the smallest designs in the market, leaving plenty of room for easy reeving.
  • A cap with an added eye also facilitates the reeving process.
  • The rotating & non-rotating device can be selected according to own preference and holds the wire rope in place. 

Japanese Series

  • The use of a higher grade material and the remodelling of the original Open Spelter JIS Socket, have resulted in a product that offers a 20-30% higher MBL.
open japanese sockets

Open DIN Series

  • With a slightly modified design we achieve a 30-40% higher MBL, compared to the standard DIN sockets, making it very suitable for the current generation of steel wire ropes.

Solid Thimble Series

  • Our Solid Thimbles have a larger radius and are longer in size compared to the standard DIN thimbles. As a result, the rope gradually bends over the thimble and is less prone to opening up, which makes it easier to use during clamping.

Spelter Series

  • A cylindrical base design with an increased wire inlet facilitates the aligning and clamping of the rope during socketing.
  • On top, the inlets can be re-worked more easily without losing much capacity.
  • A reinforced base end enables a higher MBL.
  • A non-rotating device prevents the rope from rotating and backing out of the cone during transport or assembly.


open spelter sockets       closed spelter sockets              open strand spelter sockets

Triangle Plates

  • From 25 Mtons (SWL) and above, all our Heavy Duty Triangle Plates have a lifting eye and shackle for safe and easy handling during assembly.

Wedge Series

  • We have resized and reshaped all parts and increased the endurance of the wire rope and wedge, resulting in an efficiency rating of 85-92%. The highest efficiency in today’s market.
  • Our wedge is fully symmetrical (fool-proof).
  • An increased socket body length and an enlarged outer radius of the wedge mean maximum rope support and equal pressure in the rope (less bending).
  • By extending the length of the jaws with 15%, much more space is available for a quick assembly of the socket to the dead-end connection.
  • A square notch in the bottom section of the wedge avoids damage of the rope and wedge during disassembly.
open wedge sockets       closed wedge sockets