Our AqualLine Sockets have some progressive design features that offer interesting benefits in comparison to the standard socket design.

Anchor Pendant Series

  • Increased wall thickness to fortify the weakest part of the socket and enable a higher MBL.

Spelter Series

  • A cylindrical base end for better clamping and alignment of the rope.
  • Reinforcement of the bottom part of the cone leads to a higher MBL.
  • A non-rotating device prevents rotating and backing out of the cone during transport and assembly.

Wedge Series

  • Extra long jaws for quicker assembly.
  • Increased body length and an enlarged wedge mean maximum rope support and equal pressure.
  • A square notch in the bottom prevents damage to rope and wedge during removal.
  • The highest efficiency available in today´s market!

Japanese Series

  • The use of higher-grade material in combination with the remodelling of the original Open Spelter JIS Socket, offers a 20-30% higher MBL.

To illustrate the re-design, click here for our brochure.