We are very proud to supply wire rope fittings to customers all over the world. Below you can find a selection of the projects where our AqualLine sockets have been adopted.


Delivering the world’s largest Fast Connector Sockets for the Pioneering Spirit

The Pioneering Spirit is one of the largest offshore construction vessels in the world, designed entirely in-house by the Allseas Group. A record-breaking vessel that can install and remove large…

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World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge

World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge opened on May 13, 2022 in the ski-resort of Dolni Morava in the Czech Republic. The footbridge spans a distance of 721 metres and took…

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RMG Cranes in Southampton Container Terminal (UK)

The RMG Cranes operating in the container terminal of Southampton’s cargo port (UK), are fitted with our Adjustable Open Turnbuckle Sockets No. 808; an assembly of a spelter socket and…

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Wind Turbine Installation

For the installation of a wind turbine’s hub, a Hub Rotating Tool is used. This tool can be operated from a safe distance. After the installation of the hub, the…

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Restoring the George

The famous George Washington Bridge in New York is a double-decked suspension bridge that was officially opened in 1931. The bridge over the Hudson river connects New Jersey with Manhattan….

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Line of Business: Heavy lifting sector

For a big lifting company in the Netherlands we recently supplied 44 pieces of 1¾” Open and Closed Spelter Sockets and a batch of 3” custom-made Open and Closed Spelter…

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Singapore sports hub stadium

The national stadium of Singapore, which opened in 2014, has a capacity of 55,000 seats. Its iconic roof measures 312-meters across and claims to be the largest free-spanning dome in…

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Salvage of costa concordia

After a tragic accident, the Costa Concordia ran aground and lay partially submerged off the coast in Italy for over 18 months. In one of the largest salvage operations in…

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