The Pioneering Spirit is one of the largest offshore construction vessels in the world, designed entirely in-house by the Allseas Group. A record-breaking vessel that can install and remove large oil and gas platforms in a single lift, and is able to install extremely heavy pipelines. The idea for the vessel was born several decades ago and after years of engineering and construction, the vessel entered service in 2016.

The Pioneering spirit has a unique jacket lift system. In this jacket lift system, seven of our large AqualLine Fast Connector Sockets have been used. Actually, the largest Fast Connector Sockets currently available in the market, matching the enormity of the vessel and all its systems included. Our wire rope fittings are connected to the dead end of the block connection system, controlling the movements/skidding of the main blocks of the jacket lift system.

Photos and video courtesy of Allseas

As a leading supplier of high-quality wire rope fittings, we engineer custom requirements and sizes upon request. In this case, the AqualLine Fast Connector Socket No. 713 was designed for the Allseas Group’s Pioneering Spirit to meet the highest standards of safety, reliability and durability. The wire rope fitting is made from high-quality cast steel and features a unique design that allows for quick and easy installation and removal.

The AqualLine Fast Connector Socket No. 713 is suitable for wire rope sizes ø54 mm to ø58 mm and has a related MBL of 375 Mtons. The socket has been Class Lloyd’s certified and was proof loaded at 40% (1470 kN) of its MBL. The accompanying steel cable has been successfully breakloaded at 90% (2650 kN) of its MBL. The testing was carried out by our trusted partner Liftal.

To give an impression of its size, we have put our smallest and largest Fast Connector Sockets together. We are talking about a wire rope range difference from ø11 mm to ø58 mm and an MBL difference from 20 Mtons to 375 Mtons!