Our Fast Connector Socket line is specifically designed for quick assembly and disassembly of wire ropes in mobile cranes and crawler cranes applications.

The main benefits of the AqualLine Fast Connector Sockets:

  • The connector fitting that slides into the socket has the smallest design in today’s market
  • Comes with a non-rotating device and a cap with eye for easy reeving
  • Has an efficiency rating of 100% based on multi strand 2160 N/mm² wire rope strength with fillfactor 64-75%

Available for wire rope sizes from sizes ø 11 mm to ø 58 mm (7/16″ to 2 1/4″) with an efficiency rating of 100%. Standard version with pin and cotter pin. Also available with bolt, nut and cotter pin. Each Fast Connector Socket contains a Connector Fitting with a non-rotating device.



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