Our AqualLine brand forms the foundation of Global Rope Fittings. But did you actually know what its name stands for?

With its distinctive aqua-blue product colour, AqualLine stands for an A-quality product line, designed according to our philosophy that the engineering of a product is never really finished. As socket specialists we continue to develop, to fine-tune; everything that is required to make products even more efficient, usable, stronger, and so on. An evergoing process we belief.


We are already a few weeks into the new year. A good time to look ahead at what 2024 will bring.

There are exciting new plans and new product developments ahead. Now still in the testing phase, but soon to be included in our new, extended product catalogue. In the coming year we also hope to further expand our team of colleagues to support our ever-growing business. All of these to strengthen the position of our AqualLine brand and product range in the market.

So, as 2024 is making its entrance, we are full of energy and new ideas. The team from Global Rope Fittings wishes you a very fulfulling year, both professionally and on a personal level.