There are applications for our AqualLine sockets that just require that little bit extra. For example, critical connections that place high demands on cylindricity, parallelism, concentricity, perpendicularity and dimensionality. In these instances we can customize the material and tolerance specifications of our products, according to the customer’s needs.

We have the know-how and means to apply this kind of high-precision fits on our bolt/pin and socket bore, making linear and geometrical tolerances of up to 15 micron / 0.015 mm feasible. To maintain the tight production tolerance after coating, we use a special thin layer coating for our bolts and pins that passes the neutral salt spray test according to the ASTM B117 > 1000h.

In the below example, our AQUALLINE Open Din Sockets have a Socket Bolt that is machined out of a solid bar of forged special stainless steel, including H6 machine tolerances.